Do You Pre-Wedding Pin?

Yesterday morning, I was listening to “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” during my 10-minute drive to the train station, and right before I exited my car they began discussing who every girl has a wedding-inspired board on Pinterest.

I couldn’t help but laugh to myself, knowing I have a “hidden,” and rarely-used wedding board on my Pinterest — I also have a board of teas I’ll never drink and flower arrangements I’ll never use, so assume what you will. This on-air chat came only hours after watching the “Just Say Yes” episode of “Sex and the City,” during which Carrie discovers Aiden’s first, and quite plain, attempt at an engagement ring, and chatting with one of my besties about my ugly-engagement-ring contingency plan (hi, mom!).

All this wedding talk got my wheels turning. Am I one of those annoying girls who plans her wedding before even finding “the one”? Is it completely irrational to plan your wedding without being engaged? How far is too far?

And, my answers to those questions are: probably not (I have a good idea who I’d like to marry), maybe (however, I plan for a living, and it soothes me) and reserving a venue before you’re engaged is way too far!

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After a bit of research on my train ride home, I found that most girls are just like me. They pin wedding dresses, engagement rings and wedding photography they would possibly copy. My secret pinboard has a few dresses (I’m quite decisive on the dress front so I don’t need a plethora of inspiration) pictures of cakes, and invitation ideas. Those three things tell you everything you need to know about me — clothes make the (wo)man, cake helps you fill out those clothes, and invitations are the closest thing to branding in a wedding, therein it is right up my PR alley.

Here are some of my favorite Wedding Pinterest profiles:

  • Style Me Pretty: The quintessential wedding blog meets picture sharing — hello!
  • Chic Vintage Brides: Where you’ll find all things flowy, patina’d and diaphanous
  • The Perfect Palette: Pick a color, then pan your wedding
  • BHLDN: Anthropologie’s wedding solution for its devout customers, the website and Pinterest account are perfect for event-inspiration of all sorts
  • Almie’s Bakery: Cake, cake, cake!

What’s on your Wedding pinboard, and how soon is too soon to start planning?

About the author

Chelsea is a 24-year-old NYC PR girl, working with two international beauty and fragrance brands. She began musing about the oh-so-(un)glamorous worlds of beauty and fashion in 2006, when she decided to kick the fishes to the curb, and trade in a life of marine biology for one filled with stitches, charmeuse and serums. Prior to working in PR, Chelsea studied at Hofstra University, graduating in 2011 with a B.A in Public Relations. She also interned for prominent women's magazine Ladies' Home Journal, and blogged regularly for its Ladies Lounge Blog.