Rihanna Hearts MAC

Rihanna is collaborating, or working as a “creative consultant,” with MAC to create her own cosmetics collection called RiRi [Hearts] MAC, in stores on May 4.

The news was announced today in WWD, and then RiRi instagrammed an image of the range; the PR girl in me loves when celebs take their product launches social. This collaboration is a first for MAC because everyone’s favorite self-proclimed “bad gal” is collaborating on not one, but four collections — one this spring, another in the summer, a third in the fall and her last for holiday.

RiRi Hearts MAC Cosmetics, RiRi Woo

Rihanna’s debut collection, dubbed RiRi Woo, after her favorite blood red MAC lipstick, Ruby Woo, focuses on a similar shade of lippie. I love a good red lip, but when the rouge turns crimson in its truest form — purplish-brown like dried blood — I tend to steer clear. I’m fully aware that dark lipIsrael a trend that Rihanna wears often, but what normal, as in non-celebrity-and-very-middle-of-American, woman goes that dark? Raise your hands ladies!

Lips that are so deep they’re almost black aren’t practical, appropriate for work or attractive. There’s the argument that you darken your lips for a night on the town, but I can only imagine how it would wear off through the night, leaving a ring on my lip line after a night of drinking — no, it’s not a fungus, just my leftover lipstick.

Despite my objections to the lip color she chose, I applaud MAC for building a long-lasting creative relationship with a giant celeb, and I’m sure the collection will sell.

Will you spor RiRi Woo on your lips come May?


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