Vetiver Says Relax

There are those moments when your entire world feels like its falling apart. You’re undoubtedly blowing things out of proportion, but when eagerly-awaited plans fall through, everything else seems bleak, annoying and utterly tragic — I’m a girl, sue me!

When this happens I generally do four things…

  1. Vent to someone I trust (tears will be held back…generally)
  2. Have an alcoholic beverage, wittingly or unwittingly — sometimes the aforementioned someone decides you need a drink and makes you one without your knowledge (most tears will be held back)
  3. Take a long shower (tears stream, and sobbing commences)
  4. Grab the closest Vetiver-scented product I can find, and breathe deep (all crying gives way to peace)

Oddly enough, I’ve found that Vetiver isn’t that common of a scent. Unless you’re a serious essential oil nut or obsessed with men’s fragrances, you probably haven’t even heard of it.

C.O. BIGELOW - ESSENTIAL OIL - VETIVER, Voluspa Oil Diffuser-Chestnut & Vetiver, Tom Ford 'Grey Vetiver' Eau de Parfum

Here’s a quick botany lesson: Vetiver is a grass, native to India, and the essential oil, know as the ‘Oil of Tranquility,’ is distilled from the plant’s root. It sort of smells smoky and earthy, and it has this odd ability to completely envelope you in warmth.

If you have mild panic attacks like I do, then I highly suggest you pick-up your very own Vetiver-infused product whether its C.O. Bigelow’s Vetiver Essential Oil ($15), a Voluspa Oil Diffuser in Chestnut & Vetiver ($34) or Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver EDP ($90-$120).

About the author

Chelsea is a 24-year-old NYC PR girl, working with two international beauty and fragrance brands. She began musing about the oh-so-(un)glamorous worlds of beauty and fashion in 2006, when she decided to kick the fishes to the curb, and trade in a life of marine biology for one filled with stitches, charmeuse and serums. Prior to working in PR, Chelsea studied at Hofstra University, graduating in 2011 with a B.A in Public Relations. She also interned for prominent women's magazine Ladies' Home Journal, and blogged regularly for its Ladies Lounge Blog.