I’m Going to Bermuda! Beach Must-Haves

In less than two months I’ll be in Bermuda for a quick weekend  respite. But, before I get to gloat about lounging on the beach while my coworkers are in the office still feeling the post-winter chill, I have a few things I need to get…

Pease begins with a smile - Mother Theresa

A quote from Mother Theresa

  • Luggage: Over the years my family has collected a medley of suitcases in various sizes, colors, brands, etc., but I want something that’s all my own. Preferably, inexpensive, chic, compact but expandable, and pretty.
  • Swimsuit: I have approximately 35,326 swimsuits I never wear, and I obviously need to add at least one more monokini to my collection. Preferred color: black (obviously!)
  •  Flat sandals: I don’t own any, and can never find a pair that I prefer more than high heel/wedge sandals.
  •  A floppy hat: I need sun protection, and it would be a great way to hide myself in awkward vacation photos.
  •  Sunscreen: I’ve yet to find a brand I love.
  •  A cover-up: I have thangs that need hiding!
  •  A camera: Mine is too clunky. I need something small so I can toss it into my beach bag or purse.
  •  A beach bag: All of the free beach bags I’ve received over the years just aren’t cutting it. It’s time for me to spend on money!

Most of these items will a pain in the ass to find in February, but I’m a woman on a mission. I will not fail (hopefully).

If you see anything only list, feel free to shoot me an email or tweet me the link, it takes a village to create a wardrobe!

About the author

Chelsea is a 24-year-old NYC PR girl, working with two international beauty and fragrance brands. She began musing about the oh-so-(un)glamorous worlds of beauty and fashion in 2006, when she decided to kick the fishes to the curb, and trade in a life of marine biology for one filled with stitches, charmeuse and serums. Prior to working in PR, Chelsea studied at Hofstra University, graduating in 2011 with a B.A in Public Relations. She also interned for prominent women's magazine Ladies' Home Journal, and blogged regularly for its Ladies Lounge Blog.