Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Family Jewels

I told you about forever and ever ago, when it first launched, but from what I’ve seen in my Twitter feed, the subscription jewelry shopping site has blown up….

Mission: Flats

I have a problem! I need more flats. I know, I know, I’m the consummate cheerleader for high heels— my ankles even start to hurt if I were flat shoes…

A Happy Medium

This week must be about reform. Winnie, have you ever done a major Madonna-esque style-overhaul? Today, my Big Bag(s) officially go in storage. My mom’s lovingly used Adrianne Vittadini bag….

A little honey in your sugar

Winnie, remember way-back-when when I raved about red lipstick? Well, I still love a good red lippy, but, at the moment, I’m sort of obsessing over neutral lips. This may…